Our Mission Statement:
“To support, promote, and cultivate all of the arts and
cultural events in the Sauk Valley area.”  
The Sauk Valley Arts and Culture Commission invite you to fill out an Artist Directory Application
for FREE and be included on our Artist Listing Page.  Why, you ask? Because, that is what we
are all about. We are here to support the Artists and Arts in the Sauk Valley Area. We understand
the importance of the Arts to individuals, in schools, for the community and the world.  We are
new and not well known, but we are here to make a difference.  Please be patient while we work
to get our name out there. After all, anything that is worth having is worth waiting for.

We want to help artists realize their dreams. The result of which we hope will encourage children
to study the arts, schools & parent's organizations to support the arts and communities to build
and grow around and through the arts.

How can you help? SPREAD THE WORD!  Pass our URL  
along to every artistic person you know and tell them to sign up. It will always be free.

A quality artistic community brings qualified professionals such as doctors, teachers and
businesses. When you draw businesses and professionals to your community, you draw
spending dollars. Empty houses and properties will sell, neighborhoods will thrive.

If you build it, they will come!
Sauk Valley Arts and Culture Commission